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Why Naxos ?

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… Because it has huge, very clean and rather quiet beaches with excellent sand and crystal clear sea, some of them well organized, other with youthful atmosphere, but all of them suitable for safe swimming, relaxing sunbathing, beach games and sea sports.

… Because “Portara” welcomes us, as we reach the port and reminds us that here is not only a place for beaches, swimming and amusement, but also a place with long history going back to the heart of prehistory, certainly worth exploring.

… Because the remains of the system for the transportation of emery from the mining place down to the port of Moutsouna, is a monument of a period of industrial activities that now does not exists, but adds up to our knowledge and offers a unique spectacle.

… Because if you follow the complicated network of footpaths in the inland, you will find out that walking and hiking are equally interesting and relaxing activities, as swimming in the excellent sea of the island.

… Because it is here that Dionysus, the god of wine, met the beautiful princess Ariadne, abandoned by Theseus, and, dizzy, not from the wine but from her beauty, took her as his wife.

… Because the atmosphere and everyday life in the scenic villages and settlements of the inland remind the past and bring us in a remote time, unknown to us, but still very common to the locals.

… Because here you may see in various places the unfinished Kouroi, laid in situ, as if they still wait for the skillful sculptor to come back and finish them.

… Because the history of the island does not count centuries but millennia, a fact that has endowed the residents of the island with features that are scarcely found elsewhere and allow them to cope with the difficulties of life with courage firmness, joy and fun.

… Because the excellent ancient artisans who sculpted the statues of the temples of Delos are still being succeeded by equally good craftsmen and artists who work on marble and make nice sculptures out of the raw stone.

... Because the facilities offered are of high level and allow the visitor not only to enjoy some days of relax and amusement, but also to learn a lot about the nature and the history of this island.

... Because the numerous taverns at the sea front, but also those of the inland, offer high quality gorgeous dishes of the local kitchen, all of them made by the tasty products of this blessed island: from the olive oil, the wine and the potatoes, to the meat, cheese, fruits and sweets.

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