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Naxos Sightseeing

Nature - Natural Sightseeing
The Cave of Zas
The mountain Zas is the highest mountain not only of Naxos, but also of the entire Cyclades complex. It is situated at the Southeast of the village of Filoti and offers a unique experience of natural beauty to the visitors who like hiking. Very close to the top of the village you will see the inscribed rock signaling that the place belonged to Zeus Melosius. more...

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Museums and Monuments
The Archaeological Museum of Naxos
The Archaeological Museum of Naxos is housed in a historic five-storey building, constructed in the 17th century to house the School of the Jesuits of the island. The building developed along the Frankish castle, incorporating two of the towers of the castle. In late 19th century the building was the seat of the well known Commercial School of Naxos, among the students of which was the famous Greek author Nicos Kazantzakis. more...

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“Portara” and the Temple of Apollo
“Portara” (meaning “the huge door” in Greek) is situated very close to the town of Naxos (Chora) on the small islet of Palatia, which is connected with the rest of the island with a narrow and low strip of land. What we see today is the gate between the antechamber and the nave of an ancient temple. more...

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The Folk Museum at Kastro (town of Naxos)
The Folk Museum situated within the castle of the town of Naxos (Chora) is housed in the restored tower of Della Rocca Barozzi, now a property of Karavias’ family. The museum combines very well the history with the traditional everyday equipment of an old local house. more...

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The “Kouroi” of Naxos
One of the most interesting sightseeing of Naxos is three “Kouroi”, that is to say statues of young men, left unfinished at the place where once the artists had started to sculpt them. All three statues are dated in the Archaic period (7th – 6th centuries b.C.). more...

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The sanctuary of Demeter and Apollo in Sagri
At a distance of 3 kilometers southern to Ano Sangri, at the site of “Gyroula” are found the ruins of the sanctuary of the ancient gods Demeter and Apollo , dated in the late Geometric period, whereas the place seems to have been settled as early as in the Mycenaean times. more...

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The Geological Museum of Apiranthos
The Geological Museum of Apeiranthos was established in 1964; at the beginning it was housed in the elementary school of the village. The museum closed in the period of the dictatorship of 1967 and reopened in 1987, thanks to the efforts of Manolis Glezos, the famous partisan of the World War II, who had also donated to the museum his collection of rocks and fossils. more...

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