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Mykonos Island Beaches

Beaches located at the West coast of Mykonos island
(Following the root from North to South)
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Aghios Stefanos beach
Situated at a distance 3 klm far from Mykonos town and 1 klm from the new port of Tourlos at the North, this sandy beach is well protected from winds and attracts many people, mainly families. Many hotels, good restaurants taverns and cafes are available for tourists. There are also sea sport facilities; facilities for yachts (fuel and water supply, as well as anchorage) are also available... more about Aghios Stefanos beach
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Hotels in Aghios Stefanos Hotels in Aghios Stefanos
Ag. Stefanos on map | Enlarge image
mykonos beach
Aghios Stefanos beach, Mykonos island
Tourlos beach
2 klm north to Mykonos town(Chora) is found Tourlos, a beach and a low touristic settlement developed along the street leading to Chora,very popular for walking. At Tourlos it is located the new port of the island, with facilities both for the vessels of the line and the yachts.The new ring-road of Mykonos starts here.
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Hotels in Tourlos Hotels in Tourlos
Tourlos on map | Enlarge image
Tourlos beach, Mykonos island
Megali Ammos beach
Megali Ammos (big sand in Greek), is the beach nearest to the center of Mykonos town. Located at the outskirts of the town, on the road leading South to Ornos, Megali Ammos is a sandy beach with shallow waters protected from the South winds... more about Megali Ammos beach
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Hotels in Megali Ammos Hotels in Megali Ammos
Megali Ammos on map | Enlarge image
Megali Ammos beach, Mykonos island
Korfos beach
Situated at the back of Ornos, also at a bay facing the North, Korfos is affected by the “meltemia” (northern summer winds), which make the place ideal for wind surfing, but not for swimming or sunbathing. Very close to Mykonos town, 2 klm South of it, it makes part of the whole settlement.
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  Korfos on map | Enlarge image
Korfos beach, Mykonos island
Ornos beach
The sandy beach of Ornos, at the inlet of the homonymous bay, faces the south and thus is very well protected from the strong northern summer winds (known as “meltemia”). It is found at the end of the new road Tourlos – Ornos, 3 klm far from Chora, at the south... more about Ornos beach
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Hotels in Ornos Hotels in Ornos
Ornos on map | Enlarge image
Ornos beach, Mykonos island
Saint John (Agios Ioannis) beach
The small, high society beach of Hai Ghiannis, at the western part of the island, facing to Delos, famous from the film “Shirley Valentine”, is one of the most popular beaches of Mykonos. Being at a distance of only 5 klm far from Chora it is easily accessible by any means of transportation and regularly connected with public bus... more about Aghios Ioannis beach.
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Hotels in Agios Ioannis Hotels in Agios Ioannis
Agios Ioannis on map | Enlarge image
Agios Ioannis beach, Mykonos island
Platys Gialos
Situated at a distance of 4,5 klm far from Chora at the South, it is, following its greek name, a long and large sandy beach with clear blue-green cool water and a settlement with natural beauty. Arriving here, the visitor comes across a fascinating bay, well protected, separated to three smaller sandy beaches by little capes, low hills and rocks... more about Platys Gialos
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Hotels in Platys Gialos Hotels in Platys Gialos
Platys Gialos on map | Enlarge image
Platys Gialos beach, Mykonos island
Psarou beach
Sandy beach 5 klm South of Mykonos, very close to the beach of Platys Gialos, Psarou is one of the first beaches which underwent touristic development. Situated at the South this medium-size beach is protected by northern winds. It offers many alternatives for accommodation, food, water sports, as scuba diving; there is also a diving school... more about Psarou beach
mykonos greece
Hotels in Psarou beach Hotels in Psarou
Psarou on map | Enlarge image
Psarou beach, Mykonos island
Paraga beach
Situated at the very South, 6 klm far from Chora, at the southwest of Platys Ghialos, Paraga is the closest beach tolerant to nudism. It is an extended sandy beach in a scenic environment; several taverns and bars, with the most up to date music, give to the place an atmosphere of youth and continuous feast... more about Paraga beach
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Hotels in Paraga beach Hotels in Paraga
Paraga beach on map | Enlarge image
Paraga beach, Mykonos island
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Beaches located at the South coast of Mykonos island
(Following the root from West to East)
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Paradise beach
The most famous beach of Mykonos, Paradise, is found at a distance of 6 klm far from Chora, at the southeast, between Paraga and Super Paradise. The beach has begun to establish its fame in mid 60’s, when the hippys, its first visitors, have found their paradise in this extended sandy beach... more about Paradise beach
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  Paradise beach on map | Enlarge image
Paradise beach, Mykonos island
Super Paradise beach
Situated at a distance of 6-7 klm southeast of Chora, very close to Paradise at the east, Super Paradise is rather isolated. This sandy beach with the deep, transparent blue water has been the choice of gays since many years. The beach is tolerant to nudists as well... more about Super Paradise beach
mykonos greece
  Super Paradise beach on map | Enlarge image
Super Paradise beach, Mykonos island
Agrari beach
Agrari is a medium-size, sandy, quiet beach at the south of the island, at a distance of 8 klm south east to Chora. As is has just one tavern and bar, it is a spot of calmness and relaxation allowing the visitors to enjoy a clear blue sea with sparkling waters, in an atmosphere of rest and revery, far from the noise of the other beaches... more about Agrari beach
mykonos greece
  Agrari beach on map | Enlarge image
Agrari beach, Mykonos island
Elia beach
The beach of Elia, at a distance of 10 klm south east to Chora, is the biggest and the better organized and developed beach at the southern part of the island. Luxurious hotels, and bungalows, taverns and high class restaurants and sea sport facilities are available. It is at this beach that has been established the only Water Park of the island, another spot of fun, especially for children and young people... more about Elia beach
mykonos greece
Hotels in Elia beach Hotels in Elia
Elia beach on map | Enlarge image
Elia beach, Mykonos island
Kalo livadi beach
Kalo Livadi is a medium size, sandy beach at a short distance from Aghia Anna at the west of it, suitable for family holidays. It is located at the end of a tiny cultivated valley, just 2 klm far from Ano Mera, at the South. Some taverns with good food, a few small hotels and villas is what the place can offer to the visitors. Access is possible by taxi, private car or motorbike, or walking from Ano Mera.
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Hotels in Kalo Livadi beach Hotels in Kalo Livadi
Kalo Livadi on map | Enlarge image
Kalo Livadi beach, Mykonos island
Aghia Anna beach
Situated close to Kalafatis, at the southwest, this small sandy beach attracts only few people, thus beg ideal for lonely swimming and calmness. Access is possible by taxi, private car or motorbike, or walking from Kalafatis.
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  Aghia Anna beach on map | Enlarge image
Aghia Anna beach, Mykonos island
Kalafatis beach
Along with the nearby beaches of Kalo Livadi and Aghia Anna, Kalafatis is an isolated beach at the south eastern part of the island. 11-12 klm far from Chora and 3,5 klm from Ano Mera, it is one of the biggest and less frequented beaches of Mykonos, since there are only few bus services to it, and access is possible only via Ano Mera... more about Kalafatis beach
mykonos greece
  Kalafatis beach on map | Enlarge image
Kalafatis beach, Mykonos island
Lia beach
At a distance of 14 klm far from Chora, at the Southeastern edge of the island it is found Lia, a sandy beach with clear blue transparent water. Some tiny houses of fishermen form a little settlement, with only a small fish tavern. Lia is a very good choice for the lovers of calmness and loneliness, for anyone desiring to enjoy sun and sea without a crowd of people around. Access to the beach is possible from Kalafatis, with private means or walking.
mykonos greece
  Lia beach on map | Enlarge image
Lia beach, Mykonos island
mykonos hotel
Beaches located at the North coast of Mykonos island
(Following the root from East to West)
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Panormos beach
Situated at a distance of 7 klm far from Chora, at the Northern part of the island, within the homonymous bay, Panormos is a long, cute, sandy beach with many dunes. It is a very good choice when there are southern winds, since it is well protected from the South. Two taverns and a hotel are all the facilities offered at this remote, nudist tolerant beach... more about Panormos beach
mykonos greece
  Panormos beach on map | Enlarge image
Panormos beach, Mykonos island
Aghios Sostis beach
Successive to Panormos, 1,5 klm far from it at the North, within the same bay, is found the small, sandy beach of Aghios Sostis. It is probably the most quiet beach of the island, offering a small tavern with good food, and a lot of beauty, calmness and relaxation. Access is possible only by taxi, or private means... more about Aghios Sostis beach
mykonos greece
Hotels in Aghios Sostis beach Hotels in Aghios Sostis
Aghios Sostis on map | Enlarge image
Aghios Sostis beach, Mykonos island
Ftelia beach
The cute beach of Ftelia is found at the southern part of the Panormos bay, at a distance of 5,5 klm from Chora. The beach faces the north and thus it is affected by the strong summer northern winds (meltemia), which make it ideal for wind surfing, but not for swimming or sunbathing. There is only one restaurant. Access to the beach is possible only by taxi, or private means. .
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Hotels in Ftelia beach Hotels in Ftelia beach
Ftelia beach on map | Enlarge image
Ftelia beach, Mykonos island
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